Quietly the tomatoes turn …

RED!!!! Holiday! Celebration! Shout it from the rooftops!

After literally hangin’ around the garden since June, the tomatoes are ripening. I’m so happy.

For the record: I’ve never had tomatoes come on so early or take so long to mature. It truly is a garden phenomenon if you ask me.

I had what I thought was a brilliant shocking ok, fairly clever idea about why the tomatoes and peppers came on so early in the gardens this year. I’ve heard it from Maryland to Pennsylvania to Indiana – “MATERS IN JUNE?! Whoddathunkit?!” I was also in this boat. June was not unseasonably warm in my yard, I didn’t buy giant plants, it must be a result of some other factor. I’m pointing my dirty fingernails at the Polar Vortex.

We had an incredible amount if snow cover, for an equally incredible amount if time this last winter. And we also had some of the most astonishingly low and dangerous temperatures anyone has seen in years. But! I did not lose one flower. Nope. Not a perennial one. Crazy?! Nope. Insulation! All of my plants were tucked snug in their beds and totally protected by the 80+ inches of snow! So ….

What if the ground temps over winter stayed warmer than “average” winter ground temps because of the snow cover. What if the ground didn’t have so much heating up to do in the Spring and all of our plants were just like, “WOOP! Par-Tay! I’m growing and throwing blooms and fruit ASAP this year, Helen!” Could happen, right?! Warmer ground temps encouraged rock-star plants at the start of the season and then July happened. And that’s all I’ll say on that matter.

What did your garden plants do out of the ordinary this year?



2 thoughts on “Quietly the tomatoes turn …

  1. We are just beginning to have ripe tomatoes as well. I am so happy as we are going to make a lot of spaghetti sauce this year. I didn’t lose any perennials this year either and in fact even after they looked almost dead and I pruned them back almost to the ground, all of them came out better than ever. I have had so many volunteer annuals come up from seed as well. This year was so much better than last year when we had the warm winter. I agree with you on the snow blanket.


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