September Blooms

Are you seeing the golden glow of fall? September isn’t subtle. Everywhere around there are signs of fall. I first noticed the sun’s tell tale, fall, golden glow in August. But, for me the golden glow of fall isn’t as charming in August.

I find September so charming. In August the skies seems never ending hazy, temperatures oppressive at times, and a golden cast falls over my garden. The locusts buzz relentlessly and usually my flowers are very tired looking.

This August was not unlike most fort vegetables. It was hot and hazy, cheerful, blue sky days were hit and miss. Though my vegetables sighed, frustrated that they were tiring – my annual flowers and perennials laughed, delighted and more splendid than I have ever seen them this time of year.

I have practiced and tinkered in my annual and perennial flower gardens this year. I have diligently pushed myself out of my garden comfort zone. I have pinched, deadheaded, repinched, and deadheaded some more. And the results have been more than rewarding. My annual flowers are soaring with health and vigor, even as we approach the second week of September! I have successfully seen my perennial flowers bloom and flush a second round, what a treat!

This year I also paid careful attention to soil amendment. I have placed a 6-8″ layer of compost in all of my perennial beds and in my large annual flower beds. Before spreading the compost, I carefully and lightly disrupted the crusty and tired clay soil. After I placed the compost in all of my beds, I raked and watered in all of the compost. I did bring the compost directly up my perennials, I gave my seedlings about 4″ of breathing room on either side until after they developed their second set of true leaves.

After funky weather and quite possibly some tired soil in my raised garden beds, I am quite excited to freshen these beds up and already begin my plan for next Spring.

I have welcomed some amazing wildlife to my gardens as well this year. The bees buzz happily, all day. I’ve spotted many swallowtail and painted lady butterflies. Just last week I was amazed as my head was buzzed by not one, but 3 Monarch Butterflies. The hummingbirds and yellow finches are co-existing well and having daily parties amongst the canna lilies, Italian white sunflowers, and zinnias.

How is your garden this September?! I hope it is as cheerful and productive as mine!






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