Happy Fall, Ya’ll!

Has fall started to show itself in your garden and landscape? Here in my zone 5b garden, fall is certainly upon us. The Autumn Joy Sedum is starting to boast it’s rich, mauve color – and is loaded with happy bees buzzing about. The trees are hinting of a magnificent display of color this season, as the tree lined fields and woods are all starting to become kissed with touches of reds and golds.

My tradition of succession planting sunflowers and zinnias clear through the week of July 4th continues to enrich my garden and landscape. I have fresh blooms in all of my garden beds as the season of fall decor just begins taking off. This year there was an unusual cold spell in July that was quite troublesome for many of my vegetable beds, slowing production and maturation rates. This cool down was a bummer for my late plantings as well – however, unlike my stunted veggies, my flowers have pulled through. The flowers that were planted in that first week of July are smaller than what is typical, but remain quite the joyous sight!

Do you practice succession planting? Do you have a favorite flower or plant that you like to sow as late as possible so you have a fresh bounty in these late September days? I particularly enjoy using mammoth sunflowers in this way. They are so grand to have a fresh crop to use as cut flowers for fall decor!

I have placed my mums, pumpkins, and gourds around my landscape to add touches of fall. There are so many varieties to choose from at my local IGC. I’m glad for my IGC’s selection of pumpkins, as my late crop of pumpkins were deterred by unusual cool temps. What were to be giant pumpkins I am still hoping to display as pumpkins, just in a miniature fashion!

Gardening this summer had a few misses, mostly due to uncooperative weather. But as I stand and stretch this afternoon, with the golden sun of fall warming my shoulders and the crown of my head – I look around and see many, many more wins than misses. I feel so lucky to have had a fabulous growing and learning season in my garden.






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