I say #BeTheGood all the time. I don’t know if it is my “official and mine-all-mine” hashtag – frankly, the more who use it – the happier I am! 

What is #BeTheGood to me? Well, it’s about inspiring, lifting up, being positive, slowing down, being kind, teaching, and lending a hand.

I am embarking on a new journey currently. It’s been a work in my mind for as long as I can recall. And it’s terrifying to actually open my ideas up for criticism or {gasp} failure!

I’ve always wanted to do more for my area. I want to help people feel happy or healthy or relieved … I want adults and children to feel comfort and relevant and have full tummies and enriched lives at the end of the day. So I am planting and planning a community garden.

Ultimately, this won’t be just a garden. It will be an outdoor learning center – complete with an enormous greenhouse, rabbitry, a chicken and bird area, an industrial kitchen and food prep area and a 3 season room for hosting weekly, FREE dirt to dinner MEALS & parties.

I’m well on my way to making all of this happen. I’ve been gifted approx 2 acres of empty, Indiana field land. I’ve been gifted seeds and plants from caring social media friends, I’ve been given many connections and opportunities – and of course, I’m giving it all the blood sweat and tears that I can muster. This project is going to change me and my community. It is going to encourage children to explore, learn, grow, garden, learn more about science and math and entrepreneurial skills – It is going to teach more people that they too can #BeTheGood.

   Stay tuned for updates. 


3 thoughts on “#BeTheGood

  1. Helen, you are an inspiration. Looking forward to.your posts.
    Susanne – sunflower2014sb – your tweet garden friend.


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