Growing NOW Garden Tour ’15

Oh my lanta. I wish you knew the garden-crazed bunch of 9 or so ladies that I have met through social media and chat with throughout the day – daily!! You want to talk about forces to be reckoned with? Yup. That’s this group for sure. How lucky am I to find all sorts of amazing garden courage and advice (and yeah. Occasionally other life topics and FOOD too!) all in one DM stream?! Love it!

So, the very talented, creative, intelligent and FUN Beth Billstrom from More Than Oregano introduced this Garden Tour concept and I’m super excited to give this weekly “What’s Growing NOW” blog tour a try. I’m a VERY curious person and I just love to know what everyone’s gardens look like – in real time – show me this week! It’s so interesting to see and visualize how just a few hours to the east or west can make a tremendous difference in Nature’s landscape!!

Please go to Beth’s site by clicking here: More Than Oregano and check out what the Garden Tour 2015 is all about! What a great Thursday treat. Just in time for weekend IGC cruising and inspo.

Here’s what is happening in the Helen Hood this week:

Perennial Party! Love my thrifty and graceful perennial areas in the garden.
Washing dishes I caught a glimpse of the momma Oriole whose song I could hear, but I had not seen her yet! You can see all my bedding plants I’m still hauling in and out every evening as it is cold here again! And my Iris are nearing bloom!

Delphinium in year 3 looks amazing!

Yellow Iris wins the race! Never know who will pop first, yellow – lavender – or white!

Friend or foe – is this a weed??? I have it in so many places, I’m hoping not! But I bet it is!

Shade of the silver maple keeps this perennial bed cool and happy in the heat of the summer. It’s so pretty to see all of these perennials bounce back after winter. Someone needs to paint her light post. HINT HINT

NEVER have I ever had my strawberries bloom out and look so awesome so early! What a treat!

3 thoughts on “Growing NOW Garden Tour ’15

  1. HH ~ You are so kind, I’m blushing! Love your garden. How do you keep your hosta leaves looking so perfectly green? Mine always get chewed up by wind, rodents,and bugs?!

    Thanks for joining the Growing Now Garden Tour. It’s going to be a great growing season!


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