Fare Thee Well, May

I can’t believe it is the last weekend of May. May went incredibly fast in my zone 5b garden. We are dry, only being teased by rains that aren’t beneficial to the garden or my containers. We need a good few days of a soaking rain to encourage the tender roots of both annual flowers and garden plants to settle deep down into their new homes!

I’m happy to be participating in Beth’s (from More Than Oregano – go check her out!)  weekly Growing NOW 2015 Garden Tour ! This is a fun way to see what friends across the United States are enjoying in their gardens! This is Week#2!

Be sure to check out Beth’s blog – it’s smart, artistic and very informative! My favorite feature out More Than Oregano is Beth’s information on herbs – an area I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge. Beth is so personable and easy to understand, she teaches and ® outages and  does so in a phenomenal way!

Here is what’s Growing NOW in my garden this last week of May, 2015:

William Baffin Rose – A climber that can be trained to climb a trellis or left to ramble. Vigorous grower, USDA hardiness zones 3-10! Grows on new wood. New to my garden and truly a delight to watch bloom for the first season.  

I get super excited for my iris patches to bloom each year.  Like most of my perennials, they have been shared with me by dear friends and I have moved them with me from house to house.   
I have many varieties of irises, but don’t ask me to pick a favorite!   

Hello there, gorgeous. These Triston Strawberries from Bonnie Plants get the most incredible and delightfully bright flowers. I can’t wait to get to snacking on these strawberries! 

Last but not least …. What my momma has always called a bleeding heart — and is actually a columbine. It is growing at her home, my home, and my brother’s home. We trace it back to my great grandma and I’m so curious where she got her start from! 

   I hope you will join in the fun with the #GrowNow2015, be sure to check out More Than Oregano for more details!

#BeTheGood and help someone plant something that makes their day bright and happy!

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