JUNE: What’s Growing Now 2015 Week 3!

My friend, Beth Billstrom over at More Than Oregano has been working hard on collecting weekly garden tours to feature on her blog. I think it’s pretty spectacular. Today kicks off week 3. Don’t you think her graphic above is pretty sweet? It screams Beth: Herbs, veggies, and her amazing patio! It may also scream a weeeee bit of Helen {wink wink} I helped her out with the design layout! 

Holy Moly there is so much growing on here! Besides annuals, perennials and veggies – loads of ideas for an outdoor learning center and more charitable concepts have been sprouting & growing too! I’ve been reaching out to friends near and far … I can’t wait to share more in a future post!

In my home gardens I am blown away once again at Mother Nature. I adore the guessing “game” of identifying perennial or volunteer seedlings in my perennial beds.  

It’s just about time for the columbine to finish up.   

The asparagus has ferned out, stood tall, and then flopped after a brutal series of storms over a few days. The 50 MPH winds were no match for the asparagus, but this trellis has come in quite handy!   

Knock-Out Roses, Munstead Lavender, & Delphium & Veronica are showing off too! 


The birds are all busy growing their little families… And to this gardener it is a welcome sign!  Hoping that all the birdiness means worminess!! I have robins, bluebirds, orioles, and finches! Here is a peek at the robin’s nest in my crabapple tree!  

What is Growing Now 2015 in your garden?!! I’d love to see! Thanks Beth, for this awesome garden tour chance!  

#BeTheGood and plant a seed with a kiddo in your neighborhood!! 


3 thoughts on “JUNE: What’s Growing Now 2015 Week 3!

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