Growing NOW Garden Tour 2015 Week #4


Week #4? Wow. It’s unreal to think about Week 4 of this Garden Tour. It has been incredibly warm and wet here. My mind wants to worry about mildew and other garden diseases, but my eyes keep seeing healthy and vigorous plant growth!  The only plants that are making me furrow my brow are melons. All of my melons, watermelon, muskmelon, and honeydew look fantastic …. But they have looked the same for weeks. No bushing or runners shooting off the main plant yet. I’m going to be patient and hope we dry out a bit, maybe then they will take off!

Centranthus ruber

This plant is probably my favorite newbie. “Jupiter’s Beard” is my top shade of showy, hot-pink and just the perfect whimsy shape and growth habit for my cottage garden style. It is in year two in my garden and I’m extremely impressed with it’s hardiness!  

 This is the mystery coneflower. I cannot believe I didn’t save the seed packet! But oooohhhh – the anticipation is going to be so worth it! Even better than a surprise flower color? The fact that these flowers are growing in what I like to call “The Juglone Jungle”. I have a doggone, no good, plant killing, mess making, young and straight and future hardwood floor looking, black walnut tree in my yard. Oh. This. Tree. That’s an entirely different post. But these perennials to be don’t seem to mind the Juglone and I’m stoked. 
Hello, texture! Hello, color contrast!   
 Whooooo doesn’t like a simple, small touch of color in a container?! I didn’t want to distract from the adorable owl, but wanted to add some colorful interest to this area of my stoop. Coleus seemed to be the perfect companion! 
 I do love anything that is as reliable and hardy as Shasta Daisies. I have divided and moved, and divided and moved what started as one tiny, discount pot of daisies 4 years ago. I feel very lucky. Sometimes gardening is all about thrift and knack! 
 Berry bonanza. How much joy can a 4×4 garden bed bring? Ask my littles after they have raided the bed and have sticky hands and faces! There is nothing better than a celebratory, strawberry smooch in June when it’s been discovered that the berries have gone bananas!  
 Bare root rose experiment from last year. Chrysler Imperial is what the tag said.  Not sure I want to keep trying this hard to keep a bare root plant going. I need to find a more vigorous and healthy looking 3-5 gallon plant before I judge on my desire to have roses in my landscape! 
Oh, cosmos. I’m so glad they reseeded themselves. They are just the best!  
 Rain and heat and more rain and more muggy heat = a seed germinating machine! My mammoth sunflowers popped out in record 3 days time. I’m. In. Awe. 
Hope you all are having a fantastic week! As always, please don’t forget to go check out Beth and her garden over at More Than Oregano !! She has recently planted up a keyhole garden. If you have ever had back issues or want to just increase the ease with which you garden, you must check this out!

     Don’t forget – plant a seed with someone who has never had a chance! #BeTheGood 

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