Growing NOW Week #5 -ish 

Here we are! Week #5 of the Growing NOW Garden Tour! I may be posting in week 6, but I was out in the garden, my tardiness is legit!

On with the tour! #GrowNow2015 in my zone 5b garden…What zone are you growing in?! 

I have to thank my Twitter pal, Beth Billstrom from More Than Oregano for starting this effort. I love having a weekly record of what’s growing on in my garden world!
Evening Prim Rose Party! Have you ever sat with a good friend and taken bets on which Evening Prim Rose bloom will open first? I highly recommend it. We laughed. We clapped. We had an absolute riot. These flowers were two-videos-worth of bud-opening-amazing!  

Out in Helen’s Garden Angels #FeedYourCommunity garden, we are seeing peppers come on and gorgeous cabbages developing. I am so proud of the 500+ vegetables and flowers we are growing in this brand new garden space. I can’t imagine how many meals we will be able to provide for such little effort. #BeTheGood takes on a whole new meaning!  

These aren’t pretty. But they were cheap. So cheap they were free. And yup. Required a lil’ dumpster diving. When I see 15 flats of assorted squash, I have to think that with a little water, a little love, and little prayer these babies can provide food for our community!   

Sometimes I get impatient. Especially with perennial seeds.  How can I possibly begin to wait for 350 days to see a bloom?!! But such patience does usually hold big reward. This Cupid’s Dart was sown last summer in what I call The Juglone Jungle. I was tickled to see a delightful and airy clump grow and bloom on the west facing side of my gardens. It definitely fits my cottage garden style!

I am learning to grow perennials in spite of a Black Walnut tree. Wonder what juglone is? Then you must know to look no further than the folks at the PURDUE Extension Office for awesome and easy to understand advice.


It’s a week of beauty, a quiet and yet promising pause. Many flowers are out, new buds developing. It’s the mid-June calm before the big bloom! Probably one more week of things looking “the same” before the gardens get that jungle green look. I can’t wait!

Do you have a gift or talent you could share with a youngster? Try it! Engage a young mind, challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and #BeTheGood in a new way!

I wanted to give a BIG shout out to some amazing folks who I discovered on Twitter. I will be writing so much more about my friends at Cedar Craft, but for now I will share their beautiful website with you and a few pics. Listen. I’m a woodworker’s daughter through and through. I know quality when I see it. These products are absolutely stunning. I would be 100% agreeable to converting my entire garden to cedar planters from Cedar Craft! See more about Cedar Craft HERE.

I have a special discount offer for you! Use discount code HANDY when checking out and receive 30% off! 

The folks at Cedar Craft sent me and Helen’s Garden Angels an elevated planter to trial at our “Feed The Community” Garden. This elevated planter will allow persons in a wheelchair, persons with limited mobility or fatigue issues, or even back and hip issues to garden at an ergonomically and wheelchair accessible height. What a gift!! 


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