Growing NOW 2015 Week 6

I hate to pat myself on the back. But I am totally doing it. I speculated in the Week 5 garden tour post that this week would be week two of a quiet, two week creep & crawl before the gardens and flowers leap next week …. And I believe I am right!

All the rain we have had in Northeast Indiana. Wow. That’s all I can say! Coupled with warm nights and just a FEW hours of sun this week, the garden beds and flower pots are nearly ready to burst forth with color! 

Show of hands — Who still has a seed or two to sow?!! Shhhhh …. Me too!!!

Thank you, Beth Billstrom. You are such a great garden pal! The Growing NOW 2015 Garden Tour is an easy and fun way to walk through gardens all over the World! Be sure to check Beth’s blog out. When she says MORE than oregano, she means MORE THAN OREGANO  !

Beth wrote a great article on sage recently. I let my pineapple and cinnamon sage bolt intentionally each year. The bees go CRAZY for their flowers! I would like to cook with sage more often and allow just one or two plants to bolt intentionally this year. Beth is teaching some fab ways to use sage in the kitchen, … Check out her advice here

Without further delay, here is what is Growing NOW in my zone 5b garden!

Snap Dragon City! These snaps were in such poor, nearly dead shape when I rescued them from a large, chain store. A little pinch and they came back valiantly!  

I am trying to embrace more and more petunias. I’ve worked in at least 3 varieties this year. Thanks to proper deadheading practices seen in this video, my plants look awesome! 

How do you feel about the angel I have tucked into my container? She is sweet and has a broken base, I thought she would be a clever garden addition. 

Do you enjoy tucking in unexpected items in your gardens and containers?    

Everbearing strawberries are fighting the damp conditions for round two of fruit production!   

Ok. Hydrangea. That’s all I’m going to say. I’m underwhelmed and exhausted by this plant. That’s another post. Little buggers just don’t like the south facing side of the house. I may have found the solution on the north side of my house. The soil may be key here because the north side is currently enjoying 2 years of compost amending.  

Echinacea, liatris, lilies, and hosta flowers are ready for some fun in the sun … If it ever decides to shine again!   

You say nobody likes a show off? What if the show off is a trial-by-fire gardener who comes bearing home grown, fresh cut flower bouquet gifts?!

I did something that is out of the norm for me this week. I have the hardest (ok. WORST) time cutting flowers out of my flower beds to take indoors. I work so hard on my outdoor vision! It makes me sad to cut the flowers and take them inside where I cannot see them as I mow, drive down the street, play outdoors – you get it! 

This week I did choose to cut a lovely, fresh vase of lilies, lavender, and popped in a yellow day lily for a focal flower. Wow. It’s a stunner. None of these photos is with a filter. The lighting was spectacular!  

Blanket flowers, year two. I believe they are more vigorous when the conditions aren’t so dank and damp out. Scientific name: Gaillardia  

Russian sage, also year two. And I cannot wait!!! I’ve always wanted Scientific name: Perovskia atriplicifolia, and last year I added two plants!  

Carefree and happy to be divided! Scientific name: Platycodon grandiflorus — Balloon Flower to me, this perennial is as much fun as snapdragons to little ones in the garden!  

Tick-tock, coneflower. I’m ready to see your color and bloom habit! I’m guessing pink or purple … But the shape of the bloom. Hmmmm…  

Daylilies,  cosmos, and malva. Always glad to have them come back to my gardens!!  

What is Growing NOW 2015 Week 6 has been beautiful here!

#BeTheGood find some green tomatoes and fry them up, share a plate with your favorite little gardener!



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