Garden Tour: What’s Growing NOW 2015 Week 7

sheesh! It’s Fourth of July weekend. Can you believe this? I cannot! It has NOT RAINED here for 18 hours. Sound the horns! It’s a miracle! What a difference a day of sun and a light breeze can make!  I am loving what’s growing on in my gardens this week!   

Thanks to Beth Billstrom from More Than Oregano for this amazing concept. Be sure to give her site a look, it’s gorgeous and informative! Check it out, here! I also love chatting and sharing with Beth on social media … Find her here on Twitter! If you share on social, be sure to hash it up and share using #GrowNOW2015

Ya’ll know I am dabbling in floral design by day. My style in the shop is incredibly true to form in my garden style. One of my absolute FAVE cut flowers to work with is called “Stock”. Oh my land. This. Flower. A thick, sturdy, semi-woody stem, topped with 4-6 inches of the most fragrant, color intense, flower poof ever. It’s just a machine. And versatile! Stock can be used as a focal, line flower, it can be cut down and used in floral foam, the deep purple can be the background in a jewel tone arrangement of red roses and stargazer lilies. Most of all, it just smells wonderful. I mean, KAPOW! 

When I discovered I could be growing stock, cutting it, and have it repeat bloom fairly quickly in my own Zone 5B garden – well, I think the heavens opened and I heard the angels singing. I did not plant from seed. Next year I plan to. The grow at home variety is also not nearly as filled in with blooms as the near perfect blooms we use in the floral shop, but it matters not to me! I found a small, growers six pack at an #IGC and decided to go for it. The plants weren’t very well taken care of, but they are finally settling in and working on bloom flush #2!

I liked the texture of rosemary with this stock, especially because this is one plant I will have no problem cutting and bringing into the house. The combo of the rosemary and stock together, HOLY WOW!! The scent is as prolific, if not more than a lilac bush outdoors. Thank goodness for me, this container resides right outside my kitchen window. 

Common stock, MATTHIOLA incana ‘Midget Mix’  (MIDGET SERIES)  



Apparently snapdragons are simpatico with the rain. I forgot to deadhead one particularly robust container of snaps. Gardener palm to forehead moment. I hope that they bounce back and have another bloom flush even though I was late to the deadhead party!

Columbine out, Black Eyed Susan in. There is about a 2 week lag, but I’m giving myself a {*clink*} trowel tap for this best-effort-at -successional-bloom-planning. Throw in the Siberian Iris bloomin in the early part of summer and it’s like I’m an old pro on this north side perennial bed.   
 Jupiter’s beard, Centranthus ruber. Also known as red valerian for its rosy pink flowers, Jupiter’s beard is one of the longest-blooming perennials in the entirety of my gardens. Win, win, win. Bought last year as a teeny, tiny 4 inch pot, boasting only one bloom head in it’s first year – now in year two, this plant is a performer. For me, it’s perfect type of plant. I love it’s color alongside my cedar fence, and there is a 24 foot space it can keep on truckin’ in. Easy. Colorful. Happy.  

Speaking of things filling in. Man. I’ve officially learned a big lesson. Mint. That’s all I can say. I’ve lost an entire 4×4 bed due to it’s spreading and snarly way, and now it’s heading for the strawberry bed. No matter how I try to address the bed it has taken over, it comes back and chokes out all other life forms.  Fall will have to be time soon enough to figure this huge dilemma out.   

Volunteer sunflowers?! Yes, please! I have a feeling that these are going to be Lemon Queen. Right along with the echinacea, it is going to be a mystery treat!  I did not even have time to explore this end of my garden until this week. All the rain and chores in the other beds, I was totally surprised when I discovered an almost waist high sunflower mound! The ants and spiders were playing all over my “mystery” blooms and buds today!  
I love terra cotta pots, even more so than normal when they look like they have been to a few flower rodeos in their past. Scored this pot from a dumpster death. It’s a treat in the corner of my garden. 
Speaking of the garden. Here is what I know. Things are growing. They appear to be healthy, but not a lot of signs of life form by way of fruits and veggies.  Today I did some studying and found some great news! So much rain and not enough sun. I hope these plants become big producers! We have the bees and are ready for them to keep buzzing away!  


Make sure to check back again for more updates, Growing NOW 2015 is a weekly post through Labor Day. 

Have a wonderful Fourth Holiday Weekend. Take some time, #BeTheGood and ask a child where they would like to see a flag pole installed and have them help you make it happen!!!!


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