What’s Growing NOW Week 8

If you live in Indiana, then you should know that really this post should simply be a photo of an ark being built. We cannot catch a break in the weather!

Thanks to Beth Billstrom from More Than Oregano for organizing this weekly blog adventure in gardening.  If you aren’t following Beth, you need to check her out! I really enjoy catching Beth on Twitter, here !

I am chasing blooms left and right in my zone 5b gardens. It has been a season of look quick before the next rain sweeps in and beats the delicate blooms down. Are you experiencing this in your gardens?

The other notable garden news this week is a bad word. Yep. You know the one that starts with a B? I’ve got to say it and it’s just painful to utter the word ….

BLIGHT! It’s hard to admit it, but gardening is ups and downs, right?!! And I was not able to be a superhero and save my tomato plants from the wrath of the evil blight.

Yes. I do the following:

  • Prune my tomato plants up at least 8″ from the soil level to reduce splashing on the foliage
  • Prune all suckers from the plant to promote health and vigorous growth to the main parts of the plant
  • Tie, stake, and delicately manipulate plants in a fashion as to ensure proper air flow
  • Do not over head water if at all possible, water as early in the day as possible (have not had to water my garden once by hand this year)
  • Use grass clippings as mulch around the plants to keep moisture in and further reduce effects of splashing

Nope. I didn’t have control of or practice the following:

  • Crop rotation
  • The ability to stop our area from getting 3+ inches of rain most weeks with less than 3 consecutive days of sun since May

Crud buckets! I’m so disappointed to have this common garden evil. I’ve been reading and asking a lot of questions. I’ve been picking and pruning the affected leaves and stems, bagging and throwing away – and I’ve had to shovel prune my first and maybe last attempt at growing an heirloom plant. I have a plan in place and fully intend on a garden redo next year. I’m going to reconfigure my raised bed blocks and try my luck at a keyhole garden (DIY version).

So, you will see the blight here – and then we will swiftly move on to non diseased beauty! The blight seems to be affecting even my marigolds that I always use as a companion plant. If you have recommendations, be sure to leave a comment at the end of this post! Cheers!   

Oh gosh, this makes me laugh a lot too. I did not know that mint was super aggressive (cough, invasive) – so I must also share “the bed that was”. Yeppers. I lost a 4×4 bed to amazingly resilient mint. And you can see its having a party and heading for the strawberry bed and the house. Oh Lordy, have I learned a lesson!   
 This hydrangea that I won last year from Proven Winners during a #groundchat event is so teeny tiny, but has put out the two most spectacular blooms in the entirety of my yard. It’s so cool. I hope it continues to grow and just have an incredible show in a few years.  
I am not as patient with the cleome as I should be. I have heard from a few master gardeners that it’s a great plant if you pinch it back. So I have dead headed and am anxious to see if it will indeed bush out. The flowers are intricate!

  One tiny flower on the sugar baby melons. I suspect they would appreciate some heat and sunshine. I would be happy with one melon after all this rain!  
The once mystery flowers, now determined echinacea are just fantastic! They are chest high and absolutely spectacular from a distance and up close. 

I look forward to these later blooming lilies every July. There are not a large lily, but curiously later than other varieties that I grow and the color is spectacular.  
Did you know there is a hashtag out there for #flowerbutt ?!! This cracks me up. And this Cosmo, if I may say, has a very nice butt form! Ha! 

Oh yeah. Reaching for the sun!  
Have you taken the time to walk through your garden or yard and just listen? Grab a pen and paper and write down what you hear, it’s so inspiring to quietly enjoy nature. #BeTheGood and share you nature walk with a youngster, they will think it is super fab to have your undivided attention!

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