What’s Growing NOW 2015 … EEEK! Week 10?!

The locust are calling.  Get your fork out, summer is done.

{or will be in six short weeks per the locust}

#GrowNOW2015 Garden Tour Week 10!

  The #GrowNOW2015 garden tour has hit double digits in weeks? Wow. As if to confirm and back up the screech of the locusts outside, I see that this installment is the TENTH in the weekly series.  {{whispers: that does mean beautiful fall color is on it’s way}}

Do yourselves a favor and go check out Beth at More Than Oregano. This woman is so talented, in ways I can’t even describe – she writes as though she is in your head and know the questions you have as you read her articles. You will have a great time seeing what fab garden, nature, community, artistic activities Beth is up to now!

The sun may finally be coming out for it’s third consecutive day tomorrow. I plan on having a moment of silence, followed by a parade with marching bands and blimps, followed by everyone in the land being allowed to take tomorrow off of work – but still receiving full pay for the day, followed by everyone in the land receiving a gift from the hammock fairy and all people shall rest in their hammocks happily and barefoot and watch the sun set.

Lofty? Perhaps. Deserved? For sure. We all need a shot of vitamin D!! WooHoo! I’m soaking up rays today for a bit to show you what is #GrowNOW2015 in my zone 5b garden!

Holy hydrangea, Batman! It’s alive! It’s pink! And the crazy woman grew it on the North facing side of her house! Soil amending and north facing – huh. Lofty concept.   Can you imagine the potential of this mixed container if it were ever truly sunny outside?! Shazam! 

 I love impatiens. I have been growing them for more than half my life in containers. This container is approx 30 inches off the ground. It’s a heft size and looking great!  

White cosmos? Reseeded themselves? Yes, please! Loving the garden staples!  
Cosmos and asparagus are just a mighty fine sight each and every morning in my garden! 
Last flush of Alpine Berries making itself present! 

Liatris and daylily in their first year in the formerly desolate, limestone jungle.   

Autumn Joy Sedum, getting ready! 

Echinacea, black eye Susan’, and purple balloon flowers! WoooHoo!  
Enjoy your week!!

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