Garden Tour Week #11

Has the sun reached your gardens? The sun and heat have arrived here. And this gardener could not be more grateful! A bit tardy to the party, but glad to be here nonetheless, here is what’s growing on in my Zone 5b garden in week 11 of the #GrowNOW2015 Garden Tour!

 Don’t forget to check out Beth Billstrom at More Than Oregano , Beth has been venturing quite successfully in vertical gardening this summer. 
After handling the blight infestation in my raised bed garden, I have lost all veggies but two tomato plants and three pepper plants.  This is a bummer, but not a total loss. There is still a modest harvest, and a tasty one at that! Rather than having large amounts of veggies to share or to preserve, we are picking and dining – and that’s a treat enough for me!  Lessons learned and I look forward to fall and addressing some soil situations in my garden for next year!   

I feel lucky every day to walk out into my yard and gardens and see pollinators feasting and enjoying my flowers. And, let’s be honest who can be unhappy when they start the day with an eye full of zinnias and sunflowers?  Look close for the butterflies!  

I know there are a lot of people who aren’t fans of butterfly bushes, but I enjoy mine. I enjoy it for its size and presence in my perennial gardens and I do quite often see it being frequented by butterflies. They hang out in the gardens and then on the butterfly bush and then repeat the cycle. It’s fun to watch them magistically swoop to and fro!   
How about we end week 11 of the growing now tour with colorful and happy shots of flowers sown from seed in my gardens. What a LOVELY activity to take part in during the early Spring months … And turn the season page to Summer, the beauty still remains. #BeTheGood , throw some seeds down next year and see what you can get growin on! 

(It can be SOW easy – here are 3 seed/flower types: Cosmos, zinnias, and sunflowers. Some seed packets are only 20cents. Say you sow 5 packets of each of these, are committing to only $3.00!!


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