Week 12 Growing Now 2015! 

Have you been growing along with the weekly garden tour the talented Beth Billstrom of More Than Oregano put together this Spring?

Beth is a gardener, a writer, a photographer, an activate-tionist (I made that word up for her, she encourages and inspires others to activate themselves in their community, and spread that notion onto others, furthering the community  activation cycle!!) AND an artist! Don’t miss out on Beth’s of and her creative and easy to understand gardening experiences! Cheers to #GrowNOW2015 , week 12! 

My flowers have been resting a bit the last few weeks. The weather has turned hot and dry, and the gardens are a little confused. I believe that the tremendous amount of rain we had in June and July spoiled the plants and thusly created a shallow root issue. While this is not a complete devestation as a gardener, it creates an interesting issue this late in the garden game. My large, mature plants in both the ground and containers are very large, but very wimpy as far as their watering needs. I have to keep a close eye on the plants on these hot and sunny days, they require watering very frequently. Are you plants experiencing any spoils of the monsoon start turned hot summer?

Perennial glory continues on. You know what my bestie’s grandma always said about perennials? 

Regarding perennial gardens:

“The first year they sleep, the second year they creep, the third year they leap!” – Glennie


Randomly, the best looking tomatoes of the year are a stealthy patch that volunteered in one of my flower beds. During clean up last year, I laid a pile of garden debris in this flower bed while carrying things to the compost pile. Guess a seed or two made it and surprise! Healthy tomato plants are growing with snap dragons. Go figure!  

I will be gently weeding around this hydrangea bush. I really just do not want to go near it, it is happy and blooming and in five years of zero hydrangea luck – this is a major win. I feel like if I look at this bush and the equally lovely companion growing next to it, that I will jinx their happiness! The limelight hydrangea that is in a different, sunnier flower bed has also decided to bloom!   

I am experiencing the joy of a cosmo party in my garden. I let the flowers go to seed last year to see how they would reseed this year and it is an incredible show. I just love cosmos. My favorite are the very simple and classic blend of white, pink, and darker pink/magenta. They are adorable. I do also have orange cosmos that are really neat to see grow. I plant them near my purple butterfly bush and I like the color combo for a completely different look.    

My mammoth sunflower show is about to begin! I believe that the flower heads will be smaller than average this year due to the wet and cool start of the growing season. Small or not, I am just glad that they will be popping open soon and putting on their spectacular display! I will be saving and drying the heads for fall decor by way of creating a bird feeder with twine and the dried flower head.    

 I experimented this year with giving petunias another try in my containers. Some did incredible, others not so much. I have experimented with deadheading and pinch the plant back and in other containers, just letting the plant do its own thing. The containers that I have let go, do their own thing look far superior in comparison. And when I say far superior, I mean it! Perhaps a fluke, but I’m definitely keeping this experiment in the front of my mind if I decide to use so many petunias again. Which, I don’t think I will. I miss my other standard cast of characters, especially the super combo of million bells, impatiens, and dusty millers! I even decided to see what would happen if I threw a few cosmos in pots, they don’t look too shabby! 

I’m just tickled at what a jungle of blooms my perennial beds are becoming. I love the cottage look and I think I’m finally closing in on my vision!! As long as there is room for a few zinnias each year, life is good. #BeTheGood and inspire a child to design a garden – crayons and graph paper work magic for the imagination!!      


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