Give Peas a Chance!

All we are saying … Is give peace (errrr) PEAS a chance!!

Did you have hail, ice, or snow in your garden last week?! It’s as though Mothee Nature threw herself a bit of a temper tantrum. Hard to believe more than a third of us had all three of those elements in our gardens, all in the same day, all in the first week of April!

I am most reluctant to buy annuals for containers this early, but I am most content with my last minute scrambles to sow more poppy and sweet pea seeds. I am on a mission. {cue the theme music to Mission Impossible}

There are 3 flowers I cannot get enough of:

Sweet peas. Poppies. Ranunculus. It is my mission to have poppies and sweet peas. This year. The ranunculus, I will most likely buy a clutch a few times and enjoy in a vase in the house. In my gardens though? Yes. It IS my year to shine! I’ve read many an article on poppies. I’ve decided to treat them like I did cosmos when I finally got them right, plant in cruddy soil, ignore, enjoy, self sow and repeat. Total joy. I’ve tried a million ways, sooner or later the poppy fairy has to come visit me – right?! But alas. Sweet peas. Let’s dig in there.imageDo you grow sweet peas? I am hearing a lot of my garden friends talk about the challenges and winning moments of those precious sweet peas. I am also very happy to hear other gardeners say “wow. Took me a few years to get it right!”

One of the most important revelations I made this year is that I typically plant sweet peas FAR too late. Hello. Get thee into the garden, Helen! It just feels so funky pushing snow aside to sow seeds. I’d just as soon not have to plant in the snow, feels weird. Mud is clumpy. No birds chirping and worm hunting. No confidence in sticking seeds in the ground when it’s FREEZING! Feels so wrong. But I am complying. I am crossing my clumpy mud covered fingers. I am super stoked to get a chance at some sweet pea madness!imageWhat are you top three fussy flowers that you covet for your gardens?



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