April … The New May?!


Strawberries loaded with blooms
Muscari show is nearly over. Ah, the joys of Spring.
Holy hydrangea! I’m ignoring this plant until it blooms. Don’t want to curse it!
Wild Blue Baptisia, always forgetting if it blooms on old or new wood! Better safe than sorry.
Forget me what?! Love that I tossed these seeds last fall and voila!
Tulips are nearly done after the April showers. Still a treat.



How is Spring shaping up in your neck of the woods? Here is Zone 5b things are up, awake, and BLOOMIN’ in my gardens! Pinch me! I can’t believe what the warm April days and gentle rains have done for all of my favorite, typically too-quickly-fading Spring flowers.

A quick check tonight has left me delighted. Most all of my variegated hostas are up and 75% leafed out. The strawberries are in bloom and setting their first, sweet and juicy fruits. Low and behold – I also saw a columbine with no less than seven buds, days away from opening! What an incredible Spring we are having.

I am holding out hope again this year for a poppy show in my gardens, no luck yet – but I’m a determined little lady. I also went out on a limb and sowed some dahlia seeds, it will be my first time doing so. I am tempted to get out the zinnia seed packets, but I think I will play it safe for a few more weeks, it would break my heart to lose any of my precious rays of summer delight!

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse at what I saw walking through my gardens this evening as the birds hunted worms and I enjoyed the one-of-a-kind scent of freshly cut grass. As you see, I haven’t even been brave enough to pull all the leaves back from my plants yet! Did you hold onto your hats – Could you believe the shot of the {{gasps}} HYDRANGEA that I managed to winter over. Hip hip HOORAY! Sure does feel like May, how about in your gardens?




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