Can’t Container Myself

It is time to make a major decision. I had to retire a few large, annual containers last year that I have had for as long as I can remember. Man. Those containers had been many colors, had seen a few porches to call home, were a heck of a bargain, and I was comfortable with them. I knew just how much soil they held. I knew how many plants to get for each container without so much as a second guess. I was acutely aware of how to water the containers for optimal and happy plants. Don’t get me wrong, I am also very excited about adding new containers to my plant scheme. Do I go tall? Do I go metal? Square? Round? Wire and coco lined? So. Many. Options. It’s pretty exciting!

I am trying to decide if I go with new containers, am I ready to go out on a stem and try some new plant combos?!  … Whew! So much change to consider! I’ve had a combo of creeping jenny, purple fountain grass, wave petunias, and ivy geraniums on my mind. I think this combo of plants would be easy enough to care for and would thrive in the south facing area they would call home. Not that I won’t be adding my fave green spikes, impatiens, and million bells in other areas… But I am thinking of this foursome planted up in containers parked in FRONT of Boston Ferns, they will get sun – but a much needed shade break in the afternoon. So much to day dream on … I can’t CONTAIN myself.         So many puns. So little time!

IMG_8060 (1).jpg


What are you planting and where this Spring?



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